Thursday, November 3, 2011

No High Point Pictures

Last week I went to the furniture show in High Point.  I took a total of three photos.  Don't ask me why so few.  Perhaps I didn't see anything of interest.  Maybe there was not much new.  It could have been that I was focused on researching and studying the market because of a project I'm working on, but whatever the reason I rarely pulled my camera out of my pocket.  Several days later and now looking back I'm trying to remember what/if anything stuck with me.  There seemed to be a extreme amount of pillows and lots of framed things.  Also, going main stream seemed to be the Mary Macdonald/Kelly Wearstler L.A. English vibe - although the furniture component of that trend looked very cheap. The whole thing seemed to be very decorator instead of designer. 

I liked the dark gray walls and the arrangement of photos.

I was surprised to see this image in my camera when I got home. 
I don't know why I would have take a picture of this.
That's the ugliest lamp I've ever seen.

The photo sucks, but I love these KFC hanging fried chicken buckets.
If they weren't sold I'd consider replacing my expensive Matthew's fans
in my kitchen.

So instead of High Point you can look at what I did take pics of...

I made C go to Highpoint with me.  He thought it was one of the strangest places on earth.
I bribed him with a few days vacation.  However, there is nothing near Highpoint so we
drove to western North Carolina and took a leisurely drive down the Blueridge

Leave it to me to find an old white house.

It was some kind of visitor and folk art center.
There were lots of old people there.  The mountains seem to be
a gathering place for old people.

I wanted to drive.  C would not let me drive. 
(He has not recovered from our trip to Italy when I was in control of
the 5 speed Fiat through the Tuscan hillside. 
There were few guardrails and he closed his eyes most of the time.)

So no High Point pictures, but I got lots of pictures on mountains.

And more mountains.

Until finally I got bored and started taking pictures of my car in the mountains.

A lesbian ranger (redunant) told us about a beautiful waterfall.
She said it was only a short 100 yard hike.  She lied.
It was a short 100 yard hike to the beginning of the trail.
From there is was about 900 miles straight up to the
fucking waterfall.

But we did see beautiful scenery.

Which I guess was refreshing since my idea of a vacation usually involves
a tequila bar and a roulette wheel.


We got back in the car and drove to Asheville. 
I'll tell more about that in the next posting.


  1. this has been the best post on highpoint that i have read, can't wait for the second installment

  2. that is an ugly lamp but i do like its shade.

    my husband does an ungodly amount of hiking and brings back hundreds of pictures of rocks. he finds them all quite fascinating.

    i'm telling you that if i lived where you live, i'd wear the country house/gentleman wardrobe everyday. i almost do now, and i'm a girl. i'd kill to build your wardrobe.


  3. We love driving the Blue Ridge Parkway! You took some beautiful pictures of it.

    The white building - is that the old Cone residence? It so, we had a tour of the place which was completely empty, devoid of decoration and color, but there was a store selling all kinds of local "crafts."

  4. nevermind High Point.. those mountain photos are stunning!! damn lesbian ranger:)


  5. Isn't it strange when you take a picture and you don't know why. Maybe you took it because you didn't like it? Sorry we didn't connect at High Point. However, the waterfall looks like it was worth the 900 mile hike!

  6. HIlarious!!! Love your account of the walk and your ranger run-in!!!
    I missed High Point this time around but felt like I didn't miss too much with the inundation of emails I missed from all the vendors there reminding me to visit their booths!
    LOVE these pics. Such gorgeous scenery with the leaves changing and all!


  7. yeah...get your fix from nature. lesbain rangers be damned. It suits you better than KFC buckets. Truly it does.

    Linda from Lime in the Coconut


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