Friday, October 21, 2011

My Garderner's Chores

photo credit Alexandre Bailhache
We managed to get the boxwood garden trimmed again.  That's the final time for the year!


I wish I had more formal hedged gardens.  Also, I wish I had a gardener!  If I had a gardener I'd make him trim hedges until his fingers bleed.  Here are some great examples of what I'd make my Gardener maintain.

I'm taking applications.

photo credit Bussonline & Bergman

photo credit Clive Nichols

Fearrington House

photo credit Francois Halard

photo credit Garry Gunderson

photo credit Jerry Harpur

photo credit Jerry Harpur

photo credit Jerry Harpur

photo credit Jerry Harpur

photo credit Nicola Browne

photo credit Richard Felber


  1. Bring on the gravel and the boxwoods.

  2. I do believe you need Edward Scissorhand at your disposal.

    And may I just admit a hint of jealosie....that you could be done with a garden. Our green guzzlers take 365 days of handouts!!

    Linda@Lime in the coconut

  3. i love your taste randy! always baffled by those extra large squares of box, how do they trim those so evenly?

    if any of your applicants hail from chicago send them my way.......


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