Thursday, October 6, 2011

In The Corner

The sofa in our media room has a high back and sides.  I like to curl up in its corners.  It gives me a good vantage point of the side foyer.  I feel protected so if anyone bust in the door while I'm watching the OWN channel I can see them coming!  I think I'd feel fairly protected in most of these!

photo credit Melanie Acevedo

photo credit Peter Vitale

photo credit Mick Hales

photo credit Pieter Estersohn

photo credit Roger Davies

photo credit Tria Giovan

photo credit William Waldron

photo credit William Waldron

photo credit William Waldron - obviously this guy likes to take pics of things in corners - I like him!

OK - this is a furniture ad, but you gotta admit - pretty sexy!


  1. just right for cozy autumn nights, love the look!

  2. Oh love all these but the last pic with the dreamy button tufted ottoman is so gorgeous!


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