Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scott Antique Market - Part One

I have not been to the Scott Antique Market in years.  Between the years of commuting weekly for work and the fact that the last thing I need to do is bring another thing in my house, I stopped attending this huge Atlanta monthly shopping destination.  For some reason unknown to me, I realized last weekend was the monthly opening of Scott's.  So, on Friday we headed there to take look.  I was really going just to see what was happening and how it had changed.  Also, I'm always looking for design inspiration.  Honestly I wasn't expecting to bring anything home with me.  The new general rule is if something comes in the house, something has to leave the house.  So I'm proud to say, I bought nothing.  However, there were a few things (actually a lot of them) that I would have love to haul home with me.  But, C was guarding the check book and he has a little more restraint than I do. 

I don't really believe there is a next big trend point of view on the horizon.  I think we've passed that point.  There are now too many options when it comes to decorating and things come and go too fast.  I also believe that if you buy things you like and they find the proper permanent place in your home, all things eventually go there.  If you are regular reader of this blog, you know I'm all about the 'mix'.  But, it does help if you have good taste.  Some of the things I've posted here don't seem to necessarily gel, but if they were in my house, I'm convinced all would work just fine! 

I'm grouping things in two separate posts.  The second post will publish this weekend. 

I'm all about anything with a Greek or Rome figure.

These pea green tufted leather chairs were quite smart.

It's a little old school, but anything with regency arrows is always a good find.

Of course it's now everywhere, but vintage inspired fabrics and grain sacks still work in moderation.

Yes...I know.  It's tacky, but...a little Vegas never hurt anyone.

Love the washed gray finish.

This was my favorite find.  I wake up thinking about them everyday!

These next 3 photos are from a source called Stewart-Parkman/Tribal Links. &
They had the most sophisticated curiosity accessories.

I hate it when someone steals my ideas.  I've been doing the trimmed boxwood thing for years.
I even have the formal boxwood garden to prove it!


  1. I wish I had someone to hold the checkbook. That's a blessing in disguise.

    I love almost all of that stuff. The eagles holding the laurel wreaths/swags are awesome. I'll get they were wicked expensive. I have a feeling I'll be looking up the place in about five minutes to see if they still have them.

    Agree with you about the grain sacks too. They've been totally overdone--abused even--but if they're vintage and real, I think they're a classic.

  2. DAMN! I didn't realize it was a multivendor thing. Who had those eagles? Do you know?

    Come on. Spill it.

  3. Trust me the photo doesn't do justice to the eagles! And unfortuntly I left before I got the name of the guy who had them - he was from one of those mid west square states. They were not so badly priced considering how great they were - $3000. I really do think about them everyday! :(

  4. That's exactly the price I was thinking they would be. Too bad.

  5. Great photos! Love the whole boxwood thing as well!

  6. I went to Scott's in February... and didn't buy a thing. Or take one photo. Such a shame!!!


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