Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas

Since the Holiday season is upon us, I thought I would publish my gift list.  Let me be clear, this is not a list of great gift ideas;  it’s literally my gift list.  Although, I have edited the list, it’s still somewhat lengthy.  So, I do not expect to receive all the items I’ve listed.  However for those people (and you know who you are) who may be thinking of giving me gifts this holiday season, here are some suggestion to make your shopping experience a little easier!  Some of these items are more conceptual in nature and I have not actually sourced them, so you (again you know who you are) may have to do a little research.  And for the blog readers, you just may find some good ideas for those special people on your Holiday list too!

A Deluxe Digital Camera For
Better Blog Photos
A Thin Gold Bracet Like Cary Grant Wore
A Week w/Daniel Craig

A Brittany Puppy
Another Pair of Converse - Slip On Of Course
Navy or Gray

A Kimona - It Has To
Be Long - Nothing Short

Some Chickens

A Second Week w/Daniel Craig
A Palomino Brown Cowhide Rug

Designer Closets

A Vermit Killer

Acca Kappa White Moss

An IPad

A Photo Shoot w/Tom Ford

Eight Black Curtain Rods

A Brittany Puppy - May As Well
Get Two

Furniture That Looks Like This

Anything From Kelly Wearstler's Shop @ Bergdorfs

Yardistry Garden Structures

A Sarong Without Any Tropical
Designs On It

A White Marble Bust Of Someone Attractive
This Probably Needs To Come
With A White Or Natural
Wood Fluted Column

Gap Gray V-Neck Tee Shirts
Size Large So They Will Shrink
To Fit & Still Be Loose

 Coffee Table Design Books

Super Mario Galaxy

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