Monday, December 13, 2010

Have a Foodie Holiday

At this point you all know that we are ‘foodies’, so last week while I was in New York I made Barneys one of my first stops.  This years window theme was 'Have a Foodie Holiday'.  

I know Simon Doonan is the God of Display, has a BBC TV show 'Beauty People'  inspired by his life, (which actually is quite funny) and his boyfriend is now famous for turning the Jewish mother’s decorating schemes he grew up with into a decorating empire.  But let's talk about this for a second.  The windows were funny and certainly the level of detail was there as I expected. At first look they were not as satirical as I was hoping; then after careful study, I got just enough ‘twisted’ out of them to appreciate all the work that obviously goes into their creation. 

What   pleased me the most was that someone was clever enough to put Mario Batali's head on a plate and stick an apple in it like a stuffed pig.  That was funny.  Also, you have to look closely but Anne Burrell’s head was in the oven with her hair flaming out the top.  That was great because there’s no one on Food Network that gets on my nerves like that women.  And the clock of Rachel Ray's face was kind of funny. 

They could have done more with Martha Stewart, but I guess Simon is as afraid of her as everyone else, so why push your luck.  Besides she could snap him like a twig.  Also, Paula Deen’s head was dead on.  But, let’s face it both she and Ina are big as a house so why did they put their big heads on those little bodies.  I appreciate that Paula was wrapped in one of those awful snuggy blankets, but come on she’s a big girl!  I would have played that one up just a bit. 


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