Saturday, May 4, 2013

Furniture & What's Next?

Here's one more piece in the furniture line. 

I've received a few comments and even more emails from people who have been surprised by my last post about the furniture line.  No one has missed anything.  I decided not to mention the line until I had worked through the possibility of bringing it to reality.  My hope has been to introduce the line to the residential market at Highpoint in October. But, as much work as you put into the designs, brand and concept it doesn't happened unless you find someone to actually make the stuff!  And, securing a manufacturing partner - who you can trust - is the most difficult part.  Even with that roadblock I was determined to push forward...

Until something else happened which changed everything!  Stay tuned...big news in my next post!'s another piece in the furniture line. 

It comes in white or black...of course the black version is larger!  (just checking to see if you are really paying attention).


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