Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MO Mohair

I may be in the market to recover my sofa.  I probably should just buy a new one, but C and several of my friends would never speak to me again if I got rid of ‘the gold sofa’.  In fact C informed me I’d go before ‘the gold sofa’. 

The fabric is still in pretty good shape, but the down cushion has had it and the springs probably need to be re-tied.  So, if I have it redone I’m thinking of changing the color and fabric from its current gold chenille to mohair. Maybe green or gray. 

Of course I could change it to purple or orange and it would still always be known as ‘the gold sofa’.  Some things never change if no matter what you do to them.


  1. green mohair would be beautiful. My sister and I still refer to my Mother's "velvet sofa" and how we would never own a sofa you couldn't sit, I own a white sofa. Things things never change.

    Enjoy your blog and aesthetic

  2. Love the idea of green mohair too. Funny, I"m about to have my sofa recovered in a gold fabric.

  3. Mohair is hot if C or you are in your boxer shorts when lounging around (not that you do lounge around, of course). Linen velvet is heaven in summer and wonderfully tactile. The only possible alternative to gold is fuchsia pink.

    Corn Upholstery is where we take things that need recovering - which reminds me I need to go to ADAC.


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