Friday, March 15, 2013

Hanging Baskets

70 degrees here this weekend and its getting closer to the time for outdoor planting.  The last couple of years I've hung huge ferns or planted flats of annuals in baskets on the porches.  This Sring I have a new idea.  I took these photos late last year when we were on a trip to Jekyll Island at the Georgia coast.  This is at the Jekyll Island club.  They had trained flowering vines - primarily mandevilla to climb up the basket supports to form these towering pyramids.  Looks like a winner to me!  I'm going to try mandevilla, bougainvillea and potato vine forcing the vines to climb up and hang down to overflow and see what happens...more to come...

Of course this has nothing to do with hanging baskets, but I like the hanging moss in the oaks at Jekyll Island!

And, I like the marsh!

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