Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walking the Highline

Last month on a typical work trip to NYC I took the time to walk the Highline - for the first time I'm embarrassed to say! I've said it before but, as often as I'm in New York I don't take the time to enjoy the city and take advantage of everything it has to offer.  However, this particular trip C was with me so I made a better effort to combine some pleasure with business.  

For any of you who may not be familiar with the Highline it is the latest park to open in New York and one of the large green space expansion in a major city in decades.  The park use to be a raised rail line which ran the long the Hudson River on Manhattan's west side.  Abandon for years, a group of visionary aesthetic citizens managed to save the rail line from demolition and now it has been converted to a wonderful and unique raised park and green space.  

There are several entrances.  We entered near 30th street.

 The design does not shy away from the rail line aesthetic - fortunately.

I love how the new concrete slabs merge into the old existing railroad.

Interesting art along the walk - not to mention being able to stroll amongst high rise apartment buildings.

I found it beautiful in the dead of winter.  I will walk the Highline again in the Spring.

This was one of my favorite installations - an enormous mural on the side of a non-descript building.  The mural was made of recycled tin and mirror.

At times, even in person it was hard to tell when the mirror stopped and the sky started.

And the Highline is not void of wild life either.

 A view of the Hudson.

And every park should have a cellist in a tuxedo.

I was most excited about the Standard hotel at the south end of the park near the Meat Packing District.  The park passes under the hotel.

And park strollers have been known to catch intimate views of hotel guests - some actually performing against the glass windows in their rooms!  All I saw was a maid changing a bed.  But, the mere idea of misbehaving will encourage me to return to the Highline soon.

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