Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool Things To Do With Trees

Sunday I had a guy over to discuss removing a dozen trees or so trees from around the property.  They're just renegade pecans or small oaks I've let grow over the years.  They now have gotten large enough that some are getting in the way of the real landscaping and need to go.  That got me thinking about these photos.   "Maybe I could get creative with these trees and turn them into yard art", I thought!  Then I got my sanity back and just did this post instead!  Plus I'm kind of all about instant gratification so waiting 25 years to sculpt a tree isn't my idea of a rousing good time.  But, it's a nice thought if you've got the patience.

And if you smoke a lot of dope and have plenty of time to kill why not try this option...


  1. early in my garden design business i was intrigued with the concept in your first image, so was my impatient client.
    engaging a weaver an undulating "tunnel" was crafted. all the long uprights were artfully tied with leather strapping.....way cool shortly thereafter the hysterical client called screaming "a buck is stuck in the tunnel!" yes, all was destroyed, never to be repeated. so much for impatience!
    let loose with the big bucks, you'll be glad you did

  2. long time no comment..
    i have never considered sculpting a tree ever. that sounds like something old people do. or the prince of wales. but should i ever decide to sculpt a tree i am TOTALLY sculpting one to look like that finial looking tree up there. or celtic something such.
    i love trees though.


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