Friday, September 9, 2011

Netherlands Pool & Garden

I received a lot of feedback on pool liner options when I asked that question several weeks ago.  Thanks for your comments and the many emails. 

One of the comments was from Ron who lives in the Netherlands.  He was promoting a sand colored liner.  He offered to send me photos of the one he used in his pool.  When I saw the images I knew I had to post them.  His pool and garden are beyond amazing and he’s used the limited amount of space perfectly!

Ron says…
“The garden is actually 8x7 meters. The pool is 3.5 meters diameter & 1.5 deep. I dive in it! Friends jump in from the roof of pool house.  Every night all the lights go on in the garden including the pool. You should have heard the comments from my friends and family when I told them I had planned to put in a pool in my small city garden!  They officially declared me 'ready to be committed'.  Now......all is ready and ALL come to my garden to cool off in the pool..."

Ron is former interior designer who now concentrates on his own lamp collection.  If you want to see more of his lamps and especially the inside of his house check out Cote de Texas. This was posted a couple of years ago but deserves to be revisited.

Thank you Ron.

Oh…by the way…we haven’t picked a liner for our pool yet.  We’ve narrowed down the options, including Ron’s suggestion of a sand color, but still no decision yet!


  1. Really inspiring. I love our pool and know when we finally move I'll want another pool. Showing how he fit his into a small space is exciting. Love the black x motif windows.

  2. Interesting. I wouldn't have expected that a sand-colored liner would still allow the water to look blue. It looks very soft and natural. What a lovely space; I'm envious.

  3. I posted before about the greek key-which is what we did for our pool. I actually love this sand, and may have chosen this if this was an option. It is lovely. Looks much more natural.

  4. I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog! loving it. and then I find this and man, that Ron. He never sent me those pictures of his patio all pretty again after the remodel. did u read that story? it took months for me to write - while he remodeled. i could find my way all through his 4 houses/apartments with my eyes closed - that's how well i knew it. it's one of my favorite stories that i wrote. thanks for linking it!!!


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